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PART XXI. 1853.





With References to the several Articles contributed by each.

Apams, Artuur, Esq., F.L.S.

at of New Shells, from the Collection of ra Cuming, Esq. . Seis crores hn nia: «ee Eee TRE of New Lae of Semele, Rhizochilus, Plotia, and Tiara, in the Cumingian Collection ................ Descriptions of New Species of the Genus Conus, from the CollecGon’of Hugh Cuming, Esqes 22.6. fcc) sss

Monograph of Plecotrema, a New Genus of Gasteropodous Mollusks, belonging to the Family Auriculide, from speci- mens in the Collection of Hugh Cuming, Esq.............

Descriptions of New Species of Shells, in the Collection of Hugh Cuming, Esq.

A Monograph of Pyramidella, a Genus of a Am Mollusca, belonging to the Family Pyramidellidee

Contributions towards a Monograph of the Genus Chem- MEPIS Ata eS PU io eees, SEMEL: ohtee ts, teed

Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Gasteropodous DE SIOHER eI es co widen saiiedines ne pau SOE Np! sate

A Monograph of Fossar, a Genus of Gasteropodous MoMemeR to ask) paceman a). aiervineaadh)spidiediiveds sae (n

A Monograph of Umbonium (Rotella), a Genus of Trochidee. A Monograph of Isanda, a New Genus of Trochide, allied to Umbonium .... 2. ainetaalol Hagan. pomints;




. 116



. 176



186 187

. 188


Barro, Witi1aM, Esq., M.D., F.L.S. page

Descriptions of some New Species of Entozoa, from the Collection of the British Museum ............ 6.0.05 0505

Boureuienat, M. J. R.

Descriptions d’Ancyles nouveaux, de la Collection de M. Cuming, précédée d’une courte notice sur le genre Ancylus, et d’un Catalogue complet des espéces qui le composent .. . .

Broperip, W. J., Esq., F.R.S., V.P.Z.S. &e.

Notice of an original Painting, including a figure of the Dodo, in the Collection of his Grace the Duke of Northum- berlandsat: SionsHVOUse: sss ce et thon eee eee eee

Cuvurton, Mr. H.

Extracts from a Letter respecting Collections in New Zealand.

Crisp, Epwarps, Esq., M.D. Ou;the Anatomy of the Onckoo: « 3i.°.)5: 00s. s «2a wee On Two Species of Entozoa EOP ONEN Tak On the Splenic Vein of the Giraffe.................44. Desuayes, M. G. P.

Descriptions of New Species of Shells, in the Collection of Mr. Cuming

VP ehh er Tee Mets! «lo valete wrist ere Bure we) ei phauahe” ef eadiaciera tpubniate

Descriptions of Fourteen New Species of Mactra, in the Collection of Mr. Cuming

Descriptions of Two New Species of Clementia, in the Col- lection of Mr. Cuming

Observations sur les Animaux de quelques genres de Mol- lusques Acéphalés (Chamostrea, Glauconome, Circe et Capsa). Dunxer, Dr. W.

Limnzeacea nova Collectionis Cumingianze





68 99




Earu, G. Winpsor, Esq. page Notes on the Bovine Animals of the Malay Peninsula.... 29

Fraser, Louts, Esq.

On the occurrence of a large Ape in the vicinity of Fer- DMN Ae Anos Sot ctcck cauecese tes. 1S

Descriptions of Two New Birds, from Fernando Po...... 13

Gou.p, Joun, Esq., F.R.S.

Description of a New Species of Aulacorhamphus ........ 45 On the Nest and Eggs of Menura Alberti .............. 45 Description of a New Species of Tetraogallus............ 47

Descriptions of Five New Species of Humming Birds .... 61 Observations on the Nests of Humming Birds .......... 100

Descriptions of Two New Species of Humming Birds from

Gray, Dr. J. E., F.R.S., V.P.Z.S. &.

On a New Species of Salamander from California........ 11

Description of a New Species of Tortoise (Testudo planiceps), Prone, Lhe Maalnparcns: ERAN Pine fe co verse oie /aje nian le.e-ave 12

Description of the Animal of Cyclina sinensis .......... 25

On the Division of the Ctenobranchous Gasteropodous Mollusca into larger Groups and Families................ 32

Notice of a esbige New age of Rhinoceros from PUPUE IN RERLCH AE hg cicecne ss) Me eres aos wakes aces ieee Temes LO

On the Synonyms of Johnstonella Catharina, Gosse .... 94

Descriptions of Two New Genera labels and sie of Land Mollusca ...... .. 109

On the Attitudes and Bigiran: of the Morse .).3600 6.0. 112

Observations on some rare Indian Mammalia .......... 190


Gray, Grorce Rosert, Esq., F.L.S., F.Z.8. &e. page Descriptions of Two New Species of Ptilonopus ........ 48 On a New Species of Thalassidroma........ ......... 62

GuLLIVER, GroreGE, Esq., F.R.S.

Notes on a Cetaceous Animal stranded on the North-east COARCLOLRUEC IANA A er ek ee ga oe aoe Coase aoa. cou he Beae Chaka scale

Newcoms, W., Esq., M.D. &c.

Descriptions of Seventy-nine New Species of Achatinedla, Swainson, a genus of Pulmoniferous Mollusks, in the Collec- tion OF een Cre Beg, cs osu es cues ax os DOS

Owen, Professor, F.R.S. &c. On the Anatomy of the Walrus...................... 103

Preirrer, Dr. L.

Descriptions of Twenty-three New <i of Land igs from the Collection of Hugh Cuming, Esq. . Lae ae

Descriptions of Eighteen New Species of Land Shells from the Collections of Mr. Dennison and Mr. Cuming ........ 57

Descriptions of Nineteen New Species of Helicea, from the Collection of Hugh Cuming, Esq....................... 124

Rewutter, M.

On the Capture of Delphinus Orca in South Greenland .. 103

Scuiépre, M.

On some Staphylinide, found in the Nests of Termites .. 101

SciaTer, Puirie Lutiey, Esq., F.Z.S.

vil TemP_eTon, R., Esq. page

Description of a New Species of Sorex, from India ...... 100

Tuompson, Wim, Esq.

Description of a New Species of Corynactis ............ 107

Wattiaceg, A. R., Esq.

On some Fishes allied to Gymnotus .................. 75

Water, H. F., Esq. On the Eggs of Otogyps and Prosthemadera .......... 192

Westwoop, J. O., Esq., F.L.S. &c.

Descriptions of some New Species of Exotic Moths, belong- ing or allied to the Genus Saturnia .................... 157

Waite, Apa, Esq., F.L.S. &e.

Monograph of the Genus Zgosoma, Serville, with the de- scription of a New Genus and Species allied to it.......... 26


1853. ae MAMMALIA. oe XXXV. Poéphagus grunniens......:.cceevveeeereeeencecnes 191 XXXVI. Budorcas taricolor 2.0.1... cccc ccs susecssevevees 192 MXXVEL Poreula salvania’ ccjsctsaie isle irc -eisia ols Salle sla 0 s'elealeleae 192 XXXVIII. Felis macrosceloides ........cseecercreccceeerecens 192 AVES. L. Bucco radiatus, Sclater. .........ccescceveeevesees 122 LI. Malacoptila substriata, Sclater ........-+00eeeeeeee 123 LI. Dendrocolaptes Eytoni, Sclater .........++0seeeeees 68 LIII. Nest and Eggs of Menura Alberti .....-. 0s eee eeeeee 45 LIV. Ptilonopus chrysogaster, G. R. Gray.......ees ee eees 48 LV. Ptilonopus purpureocinctus, G. R. Gray .....-+.++5 48 LVI. Eggs of Otogyps and Prosthemadera..........+++++: 192 REPTILIA. VII. <Ambyostoma californiense, Gray ........ cece eee ves 11 MOLLUSCA. XIX. }n. Deshayes’ New Species of Shells ..............+- 1

XX. Mr. Adams’ New Species of Shells.... 173, 176, 178, 186 XXI. M. Deshayes on the Animals of Chamostrea, Glauco-

mome, Capsa ang Circe ater semtaaiaee. sciisaieleieles 167 XXII. XXIII. fp» Newcomb’s New Species of Achatinelle.......... 128 XXIV. XXV. M. Bourguignat’s New Species of Ancylus .......... 76 ae ANNULOSA. XXXI } pr. Baird’s New Species of Entozoa ........0.+0005- 18

XXXII. XXXIII. }ar. Westwood’s New Species of Saturnia....... Raion ace lpi

Page 68, 76, 78, 79,


84, 85,

87, 88,

89, 93,


7th line from bottom—read Aves, Pl. LII. for Pl. LVII.

9th line from bottom—read constaté for reconnus. 11th line from top—read rejeté for balloté.

2nd line from top—after scientifigue add ainsi gue nous Vavons déja démontré.

17th line from top, read reconnue for reconnu.

after 16th line from top, add—

6 a. ANcyLus Cuitryt1, Adams, Cont. to Conch. No. 10. p. 204. no. 384, 1851. Aneylus obliqguus, Adams, Descriptions of new species of Shells, Jamaica, in Ann. of the Lye. of Nat. Hist. of New York, p. 48,1850. [Non Ancylus obliquus de Broderip et H. Miller, qui est une espéce différente.] Ancylus Petitianus, Bourguignat, Cat. des esp. du g. dne. in Journ. de Conch. No. 2. p. 172. pl. 6, f. 10, 1853. :

Hab. La Jamaique.

7th line from bottom—read Ancylus Chittyi for A. Petitianus.

6th line from top, dele 31. dneylus Petitianus, ete. Synonyms of Ancy- lus Chittyi, 6a, following Ancylus Charpenterianus, p.81.

15th line from top—after Méditerranée add et la Moree.

12th line from bottom—read Ancylus montanus, mdnticola, for Ancy- lorum montani.

after the 13th line from top, add—

42. a. ANcyLUS VERREAUXH, Bourguignat, Amén. Malac. in Rev. et

Mag. de Zool. p. 351. 1853, et pl. 1. f. 1-8. 1854. Hab. Le Cap de Bonne Espérance.

4th line from bottom—after Ancylus radiolatus add Ancylus tenuis, Kurr. ; dneylus Mattiacus, Braun.

14th line from top—read Chittyi for Petitianus.

21st line from top—read Chittyi for Petitianus.

yam SOL We. Kats } . atts 40nd ae a:

cee Pete

tert an ae

te Paphitis Me sabe, aa be a a if Witrows iit tice “ir : 3 ceca

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January 11, 1853.

Dr. Gray, F.R.S., Vice-President, in the Chair.

The following papers were read :-—

1. Drescrirptions or New Species or SHELLS IN THE CoLLectTion oF Mr. Cumine. By G. P. Dresuayes.

(Mollusea, Pl. XVIII. XIX.)

1. GLavconomME RosTRALIs, Desh. (Pl. XVIII. fig.12.) G. testd elongato-angustd, depressd, subequilaterali, tenut, viridi, antice obtusd, in medio dilatatd, postice attenuata, angulatd, subros- trata; latere antico transversim irregulariter striato, postico sulcato ; valvis rubris intus albis, ad marginem fusco-rubente pallide pictis, postice zonuld unicd obliqud notatis; sinu pallit angusto, profundissimo, leviter arcuato, lateribus suis parallelis, apice obtuso.

Hab. Borneo. Coll. Cuming.

2. GLAUCONOME PSAMMOTELLA, Desh. G. testd ovato-transversd, latd, lateraliter depressd, inequilaterali, antice brevi, obtectd, postice attenuatd, obtuse subangulatd, transversim tenue et ir- regulariter striatd, epidermide squalide fuscd induta, apicibus erosd ; margine dorsali postice leviter arcuato et declivi; valvis intus albis ; sinu pallii angusto, profundo, apice obtuso, margini- bus suis fere parallelis.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

3. Cunrus TRuNcaTUs. C. testd ovato-transversd, inequilate- rali, lateraliter compressa, levigatd, nitidd, albd, lineis tenuibus rufis approximatis, zigzag-formibus, inter se parallelis ; latere




antico longiore, obtuso, postico oblique subangulato, extremitate truncato ; vulvd angustd lanceol.td, margine acuto circumserip- td; lunuld lividd angustissimd, non impressd, vix distinctda ; valvis intus violaceis ad margines pallidioribus.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

4. Dione RvuFESCENS, Desh. D. testd ovato-trigond, transversd, tumidd, inequilaterali, levigatd, transversim irregulariter stri- atd, rufescente pallide castaned, postice angulo obliquo obso- leto inflexd, antice angustiore obtusd, postice declivi, convexius- culd, margine inferiore convexo, antice ascendente ; umbonibus brevibus, tumidulis, obliquis ; lunuld magnd, ovato-cordatd, in longitudinem convexd, ad apicem atro-violaced, fused, et lineis fuscis fulguratd ; ared elongato-acuminatd, fused ; valvis intus pallide croceis ; margine cardinali postice rubro maculato ; sinu pallii profundo, satis lato, apice obtuso, basi latiore.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

5. Dione crocra, Desh. D. testd ovato-trigond, turgidd, cor- diformi, inequilaterali, levigatd, politd, tenui, intus extusque pallide aurantid, ad marginem inferiorem saturatiore ; umboni- bus tumidis, parum obliquis, acutis, roseis; lunuld vix distinctd, magnd, ovato-cordatd, lined tenuissimd circumdatd ; ligamento immerso ; ared posticali indistinctd, intensiore coloratd ; valvis tenuibus ; sinu pallii parum profundo, trigono, apice obtuso.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

6. DioNE PHASIANELLA. JD. testd minimd, transversim sulcatd, ovato-transversd, inequilaterali, antice rotundatd, postice an- gustiore, obtuse angulatd, lateraliter compressiusculd, violaceo- castaned, punctulis lineolisve angulosis notatd, biradiatd, ra- diis albo et fusco articulatis ; umbonibus minimis, albis ; lunuld minimd, saturate castaned, in medio convexiusculd ; latere pos- tico lineis fuscis eleganter liturato, sulcis regularibus, depressis, posterius latioribus ; valvis intus albo-violaceis.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

7. Venus Sowersyi, Desh. JV. testd ovato-subquadratd, in- equilaterali, turgidd, cordiformi, crassissimd, ponderosd, albd, rufo pallido quadriradiatd, antice obtusd, brevi, postice latiore, oblique et late truncatd, longitudinaliter tenue et regulariter sulcatd, lunulis brevibus, crassis, erectis, irregulariter disposi- tis, crenulatis, postice latioribus tenuioribusque, decussatd ; umbonibus magnis, cordatis ; lunuld magnd, pland, impressd, rufo-purpurascente ; ared dorsali elongato-lanceolatd in valvd sinistrd, maculix magnis castaneis notatd ; valvis intus pallide flavicantibus.

Hab, Philippines. Coll. Cuming. |

8. Venus crispata, Desh. V7. testd ovato-transversd, turgidd, inequilaterali, antice brevi, postice latiore, subtruncatd, albd, rufoirregulariter maculatd, transversim multi-lamellosd; lamellis


ad umbones tenuibus, in medio et ad margines crassioribus,

inflexis, sulcis longitudinalibus decussatis et crenulatis, antice

posticeque eminentioribus et dentatis ; umbonibus tumidis, de-

pressiusculis ; lunuld fuscescente, elongato-cordatd ; valvis intus

in fornice croceis ; sinu pallii latissimo, profundo ; marginibus

tenuissime et regulariter crenatis ; ligamento profunde immerso. Venus Listeri, var. Sow. Jun., Thes. Conch. p. 705. pl. 152. f. 7. Hab. ? Coll. Gray & Cuming.

9. Venus cLATHRATA, Desh. JV. testd magnd, ponderosdfsolidd, ovato-transversd, inequilaterali, crassa, cordiformi, albd, rufo pallido irregulariter maculatd et subradiatd, postice rufa, transversim sulcato-laminosd, longitudinaliter multi-sulcatd, decussatd, costis transversis numerosis, longitudinales decus- santibus ; latere antico obtuso, postico latiore truncato, supe- riore fere recto, inferiore arcuato ; valvis intus albis vel pallide flavis, marginibus obsolete crenulatis ; sinu palli lato, profundo, apice obtusissimo ; lunuld ovatd, pallide rufescente, in medio prominuld, subcarinatd.

Venus Listeri, var. Sow. Jun., Thes. Conch. p. 705.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

10. Venus consosprina, Desh. V. testd ovato-subquadratd, valde inequilaterali, lateraliter compressd, rufo flavd, aliquantis- per fusco biradiatd, antice rotundato-obtusd, postice truncatd, superne inferneque convexd, transversim profunde et late sul- catd; sulcis antice brevioribus, sensim in medio elatioribus, pos- tice laminatis et prominentibus, sulco minore majoribus inter- jecto; lunuld ovato-cordiformi, in medio elatiore, subcarinata ; ared elongato-angustd, valve dextre lamellosd, sinistre levi- gatd; cardine lato, crasso; sinu pallii minimo, brevi, angusto, acute triangulari.

Venus casina, Chemn. Conch. pl. 29. f. 301, 302.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

11. Venus scuupTa, Desh. V. testd orbiculart, globosd, sub- equilateral, turgidd, solidd, crassd, alba, transversim regulart- ter plicato-sulcatd ; sulcis antice posticeque attenuatis, granu- loso-crenulatis, granulis antice irregularibus, postice majoribus, in medio costis crenulatis ; umbonibus tumidis; lunuld cordi- formi, paululum excavatd ; ared angustd, elongato-lanceolatd, uno latere fuscd ; cardine lato; sihu pallii brevi, angusto, acu- minato.


12. VenrRupis picona, Desh. V. testd ovato-quadratd, trans- versd, inequilaterali, compressd, tenui, fragili, candide hya- lind, antice obtusd, postice late et perpendiculariter truncatd, marginibus dorsali et ventrali parallelis, longitudinaliter ob- soletissime striatd, transversim regulariter lamellosd, lamellis tenuissimis erectis, postice latioribus, angulum rectum formanti-

? Coll. Cuming.


bus, angulis squamuld eminentiore porrectis ; ared ligamenti pland, angustd ; sinu pallii triangulari, apice acuto, inequilate- rali, horizontali.

Hab. Ceylon. Coll. Cuming.

13. Venerurpis Cuminen, Desh. (Pl. XVIII. fig. 3.) V. testd elongato-ovatd, transversd, inequilaterali, compressd, ineequi- valvi, albo-grised, corneo-translucidd, ad apices squalide viola- ced, antice obtusd, postice latiore, truncatd ; lamellis numerosis erectis, acutis, postice crispis, imbricatis cinctd, interstitiis levigatis ; umbonibus minimis, minutissime longitudinaliter striatis ; valvis inequalibus, deatrd majore, profundiore, in- tus violaceis, postice saturatiore violaceo maculatis; cardine tridentato, altero bidentato; sinu pallii angusto, acuto, elon- gato, horizontal. .

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

14. Venerupis Cuinensis, Desh. V. testd elongato-trans- versd, subtrigond, valde inequilaterali, candidissimd, antice obtusd, declivi, postice angulatd, subrostratéd, longitudinaliter ad umbones tenue et obsolete striatd, lamellis distantibus erec- tis, postice eminentioribus, angulum rectum formantibus, cinctd ; valvis in longitudinem fiexuosis ; nymphis intus extremitate violaceis ; sinu pallii angusto, brevi, acuto, horizontali.

Hab. Chinese Seas. Coll. Cuming.

15. VENERUPIS PULCHERRIMA, Desh. (Pl. XVIII. fig. 7.) V. testd elongatd, transversd, angustd, cylindraced, inequilaterali, antice brevi, obtruncatd, postice truncatd, margine superiore inferiort parallelo, longitudinaliter striatd, striis postice eva- nidis, lamellis erectis, brevissimis, antice brevibus, postice albis elevatioribus cinctd, albo lutescente ; umbonibus parvis; ared ligamenti angustd, sub-levigatd ; valvis intus albis ; sinu pallii angusto, acuto, horizontalt, trigono.

Var. 5. Testd striis longitudinalibus nullis.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

16. VENERUPIS PLANICosTA, Desh. JV. testd ovato-transversd, valde inequilaterali, lateraliter compressd, antice brevissimd, obtusd, albo-flavd, postice squalide violascente, obtusd, tenuissime et dense striatd, striis planis, incisis, lamellis brevibus, irre- gularibus cinetd ; margine inferiore recto, superiore postice ar- cuato ; valvis intus albis, postice violaceis ; sinu pallii minimo, submarginali, triangulari, angulis acutis.

Hab. Swan River. Coll. Cuming.

17. VeneRvupis DERELICTA, Desh. V. testd ovatd, transversd, plus minusve angustd, irregulari, inequilaterali, depressiusculd, intus extusque roseo-purpured vel albescente, longitudinaliter tenue striatd, striis incisis, transversim lamellosd; lamellis brevibus, postice eminentioribus, erectis ; umbonibus minimis,



postice angulatis ; latere antico brevi, obtuso, postico trun- cato ; cardine angusto, tridentato, altero bidentato ; sinu pal- lit parvo, angusto, brevi, obtuso, submarginalt.

Hab. Looy. Coll. Cuming.

18. VeNERUPIS ELEGANS, Desh. (Pl. XVIII. fig. 2.) V. testd elongatd, transversd, angustd, inequilaterali, inflato-cylindra- ced, antice attenuatd, breviore, postice latiore, obtuse truncatd, latere postico obtuse angulaté, longitudinaliter tenuissime et eleganter striato-granulosd, transversim multi-lamellosd ; la- mellis inequalibus, antice obtusis, crenulatis, postice tenuibus latioribus, minute crispis ; lunuld ovato-elongatd, in medio pro- minente, rimosd; ared angustd, profundd, canaliculatd ; valvis intus albis, marginibus tenue crenulatis ; impressione pallii

submarginali, sinu brevi, angulato, basi lato. Hab. New Zealand. Coll. Cuming.

19, VENERUPIS sILiqua, Desh. (Pl. XVIII. fig. 1.) V. testd elongato-transversd, turgiduld, inequilaterali, albo-flavidd, an- terius obtusd, posterius obtuse angulatd, truncatd, transver- sim inequaliter striato-sulcatd, sulcis striisque irregularibus, numerosis, appressis, nonnullis sensim posterius eminentioribus et in laminas breves, regulares, erectas, sese transformantibus ; umbonibus minimis, turgidulis ; lunuld viv distinctd, in medio

prominente ; sinu pallii angusto, elongato, apice obtuso. Hab. New Zealand. Coll. Cuming.

20. VenEeRupPis mitTis, Desh. V. testd ovato-transversdé con- veaxiusculd, tenui, inequilaterali, antice declivi, angustiore, ob- tusd, postice obscure subangulatd, vix oblique truncatd, intus extusque albd, longitudinaliter dense striatd, striis planis, sepius duplicatis, lamellis brevibus, angustis, simplicibus, postice paulo eminentioribus cinctd ; margine lunulart promi- nente, lunuld indistinctd ; cardine angusto dentibus tribus minimis instructo ; nymphis intus violaceis, sinu pallii angusto, apice acuto, breviusculo.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

21. VENERUPIS PAUPERCULA, Desh. JV. testd ovatd, compressd, transversd, inequilaterali, irregulariter contortd, antice ob- tusd, posterius perpendiculariter truncatd, squalide albo-rufes- cente, transversim irregulariter rugosd et striatd, intus albd, postice violaceo-maculatd ; sinu pallii lato, profundo, apice ob- tusissimo, horizontalt.

Hab. New Zealand. Coll. Cuming.

22. VeNERUPIS OBESA, Desh. V. testd ovatd, transversd, brevi, inequilaterali, inflatd, turgidd, antice declivi, acuminaté, postice obtusd, antice albd, postice squalide violaced, longitu- dinaliter tenue striata, transversim irregulariter rugosd ; striis convexis, sepius undulosis ; umbonibus magnis, inflatis, promi- nentibus, levigatis, oppositis, violaceis ; lunuld aredque nullis ;


valvis intus antice albo-flavis, postice violaceis ; sinu palli angustissimo, profundissimo, oblique ad umbones ascendente. Hab. Port Phillip. Coll. Cuming.

23. Venerupis rnsiGnis, Desh. (Pl. XVIII. fig. 4.) V. testd ovato-transversd, subquadratd, valde inequilaterali, plus mi- nusve inflatd et irregulari, flavd, ad margines rufa, longitudi- naliter creberrime et tenuissime liratd, liris in latere postico profundissime angulatis seu divaricatis et inter se conjunctis ; latere antico brevissimo, postico paulo latiore, oblique truncato ; margine superiore inferiori parallelo ; umbonibus obliquis, tumt- dis, approximatis ; valvis intus in medio croceo-rubris, ad pert- pheriam violaceis; sinu pallii angusto, profundo, apice acumi- nato, ascendente.

Hab. New Zealand. Coll. Cuming.

24. Circe personata, Desh. C. testd suborbiculato-trigond, de- pressd, lenticulari, inequilaterali, ad umbones compressd, trans- versim tenue striatd, striis in latere postico evanescentibus, albo- grised, in medio fusco maculata, ad margines sepius lineolatd ; maculis in medio sepius duabus personatis; lunuld aredque minimis, angustis, lanceolatis, atro-castaneis ; valvis intus in fornice violaceis, in margine albis; impressione musculare anticd ovato-oblongd ; fossuld laterali value dextre usque ad dentem cardinalem prolongatd ; impressione pallii ad marginem descendente.

Venus scripta, Chemn. ; Cytherea scripta, Lamk. non Linn.

Hab. Indian Ocean; Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

25. Circe putcuRa, Desh. C. testd ovato-transversd, subequi- laterali, antice obtusd, postice angustiore, tumidd, solidd, irre- gulariter transversim striatd, striis inequalibus distantibus, pliceformibus, striis longitudinalibus tenuissimis, obsoletis, de- cussantibus, albo-grised, maculis duabus, castaneis, radianti- bus, in medio separatis; valvis intus albo-griseis, marginibus brunneis ; impressione pallii brevissimd, in medio valvarum positd, simplice.

Cytherea elegans, Sow. (non Koch) Thes. Conch. p. 645. pl. 135.

. 163.

Hab. Red Sea. Coll. Cuming.

26. CrRcCE TRANSVERSARIA, Desh. C. testd ovato-transversd, subequilaterali, depressd, antice rotundatd, postice subtruncatd, JSuscd, sepius ad umbones albo angulatim maculatd, antice posticeque divaricatim rugosd, in medio transversim sulcatd, suleis rugisque granosis; umbonibus minimis brevibus, oppositis ; lunuld elongato-lanceolatd, lined impressd circumscriptd, atratd; =e subpland, levigatd, intus albd, in medio violaceo-macu- ata.

Var. 3. Testa minore, sulcis transversis majoribus.

Hab. Philippimes. Coll. Cuming.


27. CrRCE LENTICULARIS, Desh. C.testd ovato-subtrigond, in me- dio turgidd, ad peripheriam acutd, inequilaterali, antice postice- que obtusd, transversim sulcato-plicatd, albd, lineolis castaneis, angulatis, vel undulatis, interruptis, ornatd; suleis in latere postico evanidis ; umbonibus depressis, plicis obsoletis, divari- catis, notatis ; lunuld angustd, atro-fuscd, lanceolata ; vulvd profunde excavatd, atratd, lineis atris, irradiantibus ornatd ; valvis intus pallide croceis; impressione pallit brevissimd, in medio valvarum positd.

Hab. 2? Coll. Cuming.

28. Crrce Mercauret, Desh. C. ftestd orbiculato-subtrigond, tumiduld, subequilaterali, candidd, fusco rare maculata, maculis in medio serialibus, transversim tenue sulcatd, suleis inequa- libus, numerosis, convexis, antice posticeque striis tenuissimis, divergentibus, intersectis ; lunuld ovato-lanceolatd aredque fusco maculatis seu candidis ; valvis intus flavo-rufis, ad mar- gines albis ; cardine angusto, dente antico valde separato.

Hab. 2 Coll. Metcalfe.


29. Meretrix GRATA, Desh. WM. testd minimd, ovato-trigond, depressiusculd, inequilaterali, nitidissimd, late profundeque transversim sulcatd ; sulcis regularibus, rotundatis, interstitiis subequalibus separatis, simplicibus, rubescentibus, interstitis pallide luteis; umbonibus acutis, parvis, angustis, elatis; lunuld pland, ovato-angustd, elongatd, lividd; ared planulatd, levigatd ; valvis intus albis, maculd angustd castaned in margine postico ; sinu pallii latissimo, semicirculart.

Hab. Chinese Seas. Coll. Cuming.

30. CHIoneE GiBBOSULA, Desh. C. testd rotundato-trigond, obl- qud, inequilaterali, convexiusculd, antice brevi, obtusa, inferne convead, superne arcuato-gibbosd, postice subangulatd; alba, postice fusco cerulescente vel radiata vel pallide violaced ; latert- bus et apicibus longitudinaliter costatis, rugis transversalibus, undulosis, decussatis, et crenulatis ; in latere postico costis plu- ribus majoribus, alteris tenue granulosis ; lunuld nulld ; valvis intus albis, impressionibus muscularibus violaceis ; sinu pallit horizontali, trigono, acuto, subequilaterali.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

31. Cu1one reEGuLARIS, Desh. C. testd ovato-trigond, trans- versd, turgidd, inequilaterali, antice obtusd, postice dechivi, subangulatd, subrostratd, margine ventrali valde arcuato, flavo- grised, postice nigro-violascente, transversim regulariter et ele- ganter sulcatd; sulcis convevis, equidistantibus ; lunuld elon- gato-ovatd, perpland, levigatd, nitente, superne violaceo macu- latd; ared parvd, elongatd, lanceolatd, pland; valvis intus albis; cardine antice posticeque violaceo maculato ; sinu pallit lato, obliquo, brevi, semiovalt.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.


32. CuionE spHa#rRicuLa, Desh. C. testd orbiculari, subaequi- laterali, turgidd, subspheroidali, candidissimd, transversim sul- catd, sulcis antice posticeque evanidis, in medio convexiusculis, latioribus ; umbonibus magnis, elevatis, recurvis, cordatis ; lu- nuld. brevi, impressd, cordiformi, in medio purpureo-maculatd ; valvis incrassatis, intus albis, ad marginem posticum purpureo- maculatis ; sinu pallit brevi, triangulari, equilateral, acuto.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

33. CHIONE ustuLATA, Desh. C. testd ovato-transversd, sub- trigond, turgidd, crassd, solidd, inequilaterali, antice obtusd, postice obtusissime angulatd, flavd, lineis maculisve rufis diverso modo variegatd et subradiatd, transversim irregulariter sul- catd, sulcis triangularibus, in medio obsoletis, ad umbones tenu- assimis ; lunuld ovato-elongatd, fuscd; ared ligamenti brevi, parum profundd, fuscescente ; valvis intus pallide fiavis ; mar- gine cardinali violaceo.

Hab. Philippines (Port of Manilla). Coll. Cuming.

34. Tapes 1nFLATA, Desh. (Pl. XIX. fig. 3.) T. testd ovato- transversd, subequilaterali, inflatd, turgidd, subcordiformi, transversim regulariter sulcatd, nitente, rufo-flavescente, punc- tulis lineisve fuscis, raris aspersd, obscure quadriradiatd ; wm- bonibus tumidis, recurvis, approximatis ; lunuld magnd, ovatd, levigatd, depressiusculd, concavd; ared ligamenti excavatd, ovato-lanceolatd; sulcis latis convexis ; valvis intus pallide aurantis ; sinu pallii brevi, apice obtuso, oblique ascendente, marginibus subparallelis ; sinuositate in margine posteriore sicut in Tellinis.

Hab. Ceylon. Coll. Cuming.

35. Tapes TURGIDULA, Desh. (Pl. XIX. fig. 4.) 1’. testd ovatd, transversd, inequilaterali, turgiduld, antice attenuata, breviore, angustiore, postice superneque rotundatd; umbonibus parvis ma- culd albd notatis ; valvis rufis, maculis punctisque fuscis sub- quadriradiatis, tenue transversim sulcatis, sulcis antice tenuiori- bus, sensim in medio et in latere postico majoribus, et posterius lamellosioribus ; lunuld elongato-lanceolatd, fused, in longitudi- nem concavd et striatd; ared ligamenti angustd, brevi, utroque latere canaliculatd, lateraliter maculd Juscd notatd ; valvis in- tus croceis ; sinu pallii lato, parum profundo, apice obtuso ; valve stnistre dente mediano profundissime bipartito.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

36. Tapes srmiuis, Desh. 1. testd ovatd, transversd, depressd, inequilaterali, extremitatibus obtusd, transversim tenue sul- cata, rufa, apicibus rubra, levigatd, maculis raris castaneis tri- radiatd, lineis angulosis, distantibus, obsoletis notatd ; umboni- bus minimis, oppositis ; lunuld elongato-lanceolatd, levigatd, ru- bro-lineolatd ; ared angusté, depressd, lanceolata, lividd ; valvis intus in fornice rufis.

Hab. Coll. Cuming.


37. Tapes axpa, Desh. T. testd ovatd, transversd, inequilate- rali, turgiduld, antice obtusd, postice latiore, oblique truncata, crassd, solidd, intus extusque candidd ; umbonibus brevibus, de- pressis, vie obliquis, oppositis ; lunuld elongato-angustd, vix per- spicud, irregulariter striatd; ared angustissimd, vix depressd ; valvis extus irregulariter sulcatis, sulcis in medio depressis ; sinu pallit brevi, angusto, apice attenuato, semielliptico.

Hab. Western Australia (Swan River). Coll. Cuming.

38. Tapers opscurata, Desh. J. testd ovato-transversd, ob- longd, inequilaterali, tumiduld, squalide rufescente, maculis minimis, unidentatis, fuscis obscurd, radiis quatuor fuscis, sub- articulatis notatd, transversim tenue et regulariter sulcatd ; sulcis antice angustioribus, in medio et ad latus posticum sen- sim latioribus; latere antico brevi, angustato, subangulato, postico latiore, obtuso; valvis tenuibus, intus pallide croceis ; sinu pall profundo, oblique ascendente, apice obtuso, margini- bus parallelis.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

39. Tapes BrrapiatTa, Desh. (Pl. XIX. fig. 5.) 7. testd ovato- transversd, tumiduld, inequilaterali, eatremitatibus obtusd, fla- vescente, antice posticeque maculis minimis, pallide fuscis grised, radus duobus castaneis, latis, interruptis ornatd, transversim et regulariter tenue sulcatd ; sulcis antice minoribus, in medio la- tioribus eminentioribusque, postice angustioribus et leviter un- dulatis ; lunuld lividd, concavd, levigatd, vie distinctd ; ared elongato-laciniatd, pland, levigatd, lividd, lineis violaceis litu- ratd ; valvis intus albis; margine cardinali antice et postice violaceo maculato; sinu pallii angusto, obtuse, marginibus paral- lelis.

Var. (3. Testd minore, turgidiore, radiis evanescentibus ; valvis maculis minimis et lineis angulosis irregularibus ornatis.

Hab. Philippines (Puteao). Coll. Cuming.

40. Tapes quaprrrapraTa, Desh. (Pl. XIX. fig. 6.) T. testd transversd, ellipticd, turgiduld, inequilaterali, utroque latere obtectd, antice angustiusculd, albo-luted, lineis fuscis, angulatis, numerosis densissime pictd et quadriradiatd, radiis maculis quadratis fuscis et albis subarticulatis ; striis transversis regu- laribus numerosis, depressiusculis, postice planis et latioribus ; lunuld fusco-violascente, elongato-angustd, politd, fusco dense lineolatd ; ared angustd, excavatd, in medio maculd violaceo- lividd notatd ; valvis intus pallide luteis ; sinu pallii lato, semi- elliptico.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

41. Tapes Grata, Desh. T. testd ovatd, transversd, inequi- laterali, compressd, antice angustiore et breviore, postice latiore, obtusd, transversim eleganter tenue sulcatd, albo-flavescente eleganter lineis fuscis tenuibus reticulata et obsolete radiata,


inferne maculis majoribus albo-fiavescentibus trigonis delineatis ; umbonibus minimis ; lunuld lanceolata, levigatda, fuscescente li- turaté ; ared posticali elongato-angustd, maculis transversali- bus notata ; valvis tenuibus, intus pallide croceis; pallit sinu horizontali, profundo, elliptico.

Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

42. Tapes punicea, Desh. T. testd ovato-transversd, inequi- laterali, convexiusculd, antice breviore, obtusa, attamen attenu- atd, latere postico latiore, obscure subtruncato, fulvo vel fusco punctata, irregulariter saturatiore radiatd, maculis albis mini- mis irregulariter irroratd, longitudinaliter tenue sulcatd, sulcis inequalibus, posticis latioribus, aliquando duplicatis, sulcis éransversis decussatis, in medio simplicibus ; lunuld vie perspi- cud, elongato-lanceolatd, per longitudinem striata ; valvis intus vivide roseo-purpureis; margine cardinali postice violaceo macu- lato; sinu pallit lato, parum profundo.

Tapes variegata, ex parte, Sowerby, jun., Thes. Conch. p- 696.

pl. dole. 1435. Hab. Philippines. Coll. Cuming.

43. TAPES vioLASCENS, Desh. T. testd ovato-angustd, trans- versa, valde inequilaterali, subrhombed, depressd, marginibus su- periore et inferiore parallelis, latere antico brevi, oblique declivi, postico oblique truncato, extus longitudinaliter striata, striis transversalibus antice et postice decussatd ; striis longitudina- libus posticalibus latioribus, granoso-asperatis, medianis sim- plicibus ; lunuld elongato-lanceolatd, pland, viv distinctd, le- vigatd ; cardine angusto, postice violaceo, dentibus tribus sub- equalibus ; valvis extus pallide violaceo-griseis, albo triradiatis, intus rufo-violaceis ; sinu pallit lato.

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

44. Tapes Japonica, Desh. T. testd ovato-transversd, angustd, turgiduld, inequilaterali, antice angustd, obtusd, postice sub- truncatd, longitudinaliter tenue striatd, striis inequalibus, posti- cis et anticis latioribus, striis transversis decussatis et granu- losis; lunuld vix perspicud, ovato-lanceolatd ; ared minimd, pland, levigatd ; valvis albo-griseis, maculis magnis, rregularibus, rufis in latere postico marmoratis, intus pallide flavidis ; sinu pall brevi, obtuso, basi dilatato.

Hab. Sea of Japan. Coll. Cuming.

45. Tapes FABAGELLA, Desh. 1. testd elongato-transversd, ine- quilaterali, compressiusculd, intus extusque candidd, tenui, fra- gilt, antice breviore, obtusd, postice latiore, oblique truncatd, margine superiore recto, inferiore arcuato, ewilissime striatd, striis transversis regularibus, in latere postico multo rarioribus, lamellosis ; umbonibus parvis levigatis ; lunuld ovato-lanceolatd via perspicud ; sinu pallii magno, profundo, basi lato, trigono.

Hab, New Zealand. Coll. Cuming.


TIA eundey Ss 7 90rg


46. Tapes cineREA, Desh. T. testa ovato-transversd, inequi- laterali, depressd, extremitatibus obtusa, grised, maculis fuscis, albo subarticulatis, in latere postico radium unicum formanti- bus, longitudinaliter et inequaliter striata; striis in medio depressis, simplicibus, antice posticeque crassioribus, striis trans- versis, brevibus, decussatis ; umbonibus minimis obliquis, postice granulosis, acutis, approximatis ; lunuld angusta, lanceolata, in medio concaviusculd ; valvis intus squalide lutescentibus ; sinu pallit lato, brevi, obtusissimo. :

Hab. ? Coll. Cuming.

2. On a New Species or SALAMANDER FROM CALIFORNIA. By J. E. Gray, Pa.D., F.R.S., V.P.Z.S.

(Reptilia, Pl. VII.)

Mr. Henry Gurney most kindly sent to the Zoological Society for exhibition some Reptiles, from Monterey in California, with the de-, sire that the specimens should afterwards be placed in the British Museum. Among the rest was a very fine and large specimen of a Triton, which has much the external appearance of the large white- spotted Ambyostoma Caroline of the eastern part of the United States of America. On more minute examination and comparison, it proved to be quite distinct ; and as I do not find any description of it in any of the American papers on these animals, I have sent a comparative description of the two species.

1. AmByostoma Caro.in#&, Gray, Cat. Amph. B. M. 35.

Brown; small spot over orbit, large spot on each side the occiput, on each leg near the joint, and a series down each side of the back and tail, white; palatine teeth in a short, nearly straight line, be- tween and not reaching to the internal nostrils, and with a separate small group of teeth behind each internal nostril.


Black ; sides of lips, lower part of neck, body and tail, and limbs, with large white spots; palatine teeth in an elongated angular trans- verse line, bent forwards in the middle and extending to the outer edge of the hinder part of the internal nostril.

Hab. California, Monterey, in a well (Gurney).

A smaller white spot on each side of the back, not symmetrical ; the one on the right side being much in front of the other.

Ambyostoma punctulatum, Gray, Cat. Amph. B. M. 37, has the tongue free on the side, and is nearly allied to the genus Plethodon : the palatine teeth are very indistinct, not forming a regular ridge.


3. Description oF a New Species or Tortoise (Testupo PLANICEPS), FROM THE GaLAPAGOs ISLANDS. By J. E. Gray, Pa.D., F.R.S., V.P.Z.S., P.B.S. erc.

After the examination of the specimens of the large Black Tor- toise (Testudo Indica) in the various English and continental col- lections, including the specimens which had served Schweiger, Schle- gel, Fitzinger, Dumeril and Bibron, and others, as the types of spe- cies, I placed them all in the ‘Catalogue of the Tortoises, Croco- diles and Amphisbzenians in the Collection of the British Museum,’ as varieties of a single, very variable species, which had been scat- tered by man in different tropical parts of the globe. I see no cause to change my opinion with respect to the head now about to be de- scribed, even should it prove to be that of a black species, which is possible, as the black species is the only one known which has any affinity to it in point of size. The skull now described was sent to Haslar Hospital, and said to have been taken from a specimen brought from the Galapagos Islands. The Black Tortoise of those islands has been described by Dr. Harlan under the name of Testudo elephan- topus ; but his figure and description so exactly agree with the adult Testudo Indica, and the specimen in the Gardens of the Zoological Society brought from the Galapagos Islands, is so exactly similar to the specimen of Testudo Indica from the Mauritius, that I cannot think that the usual Galapagos Tortoise is different from that spe- cies, or like the skull here noticed. I therefore propose to designate this species by the provisional name of Testudo planiceps. The fol- lowing comparative statement of the characters presented by this skull and that of 7. Indica, will show the differences which exist be- tween them.

Testupo Inpica.

Skull high, convex.

Forehead convex, rounded to the nose-cavity; broad between the eyes.

Temples flat behind.

Cheeks small, four-sided.

Edge of the jaw between the nose- cavity and the mouth narrow and rounded.

Nose-cavity oblong, nearly twice as high as broad, contracted on each side above. :

Palate broad, oblong, very deeply concave, and with concave con- verging sides in front.


Skull much-depressed, flat.

Forehead flat, with a rapid de- clivity towards the nose-cavity ; narrow between the eyes.

Temples produced, bent in be- hind.

Cheeks large, subtrigonal.

Edge of the jaw between the nose- cavity and the mouth high and erect.

Nose-cavity nearly square, scarce- ly higher than broad, and very little contracted above.

Palate narrow, nearly lozenge- shaped, truncated behind, rather deeply concave, with straight converging sides in front.

Testupo Inpica. TESTUDO PLANICEPS. Sphenoid bone deeply concave | Sphenoid bone flat beneath, under beneath, under the condyle. the condyle. Lower jaw narrowed and rounded | Lower jaw convex and erect in in front, not more than half as front, and as high as behind.

high as behind.

These descriptions are taken from skulls of nearly the same size, as proved by the following measurements :—

Testudo Testudo Indica. laniceps. Length from condyle to front of lip........ BE as Me i from occipital crest to nose-cavity... 52 58 Of PRlAerCONCSVILY oi. oe ans = OF 26 Reig al Convles, ete sie dayy oe tte ne A 43 at ends of temporal bones .......... 44 32 of palate concavity in middle........ 13 1 betweenvarhits, 2. o> tk Sake se hash 2 12 Height from back of upper lip to top of head 2% 1g of front of lower jaw .............. & l Lenpth of nasaf opemme 22.82 SUS Oo 2 ls

January 25, 1853. Dr. Gray, F.R.S., Vice-President, in the Chair.

A portion of a letter from Mr. Louis Fraser, H.M. Consul at Whi- dah, was read, in which the writer mentioned that he had received accounts of the occurrence of a large Ape in the vicinity of Fernando Po. He says it has only been brought down to the colony on two or three occasions. The natives call it Tap-par-po-har, and sup- pose it to be a Chimpanzee ; but from the description they give of it, he thinks it must be a Cynocephalus. The people say it is as large as a man, that it has a long head and a very short tail, and that it barks like a dog. He adds that there are curious tales current about the animal, which he will endeavour to collect.

The following papers were also read :—

1. Descriptions or Two NEw Birps, FROM FERNANDO Po. By Louis Fraser.

Buso Pornsis, Fraser.

Brownish yellow, each feather barred with brown, the brown pre- dominating on the crown, shoulders and middle of the back; tail


above barred with brown and greyish brown alternately ; twelve bars of each colour. }

Total length 16 inches; gape, 12; wing, 12; tail, 7; tarsi, 14.

Hab. Fernando Po. po

Killed in June. The specimen from which the above description was taken is the only one that has been seen by the town’s-people ; consequently I presume it is very scarce, at least in this part (Cla- rence) of the island. The natives say it destroys fowls, which here roost in the trees.

Native name ‘Oko.’ This is evidently a generic term, as the same name is applied to my Striw Poensis.

Buceros Poensts, Fraser.

Female by dissection. Head and neck maroon, the feathers of the head standing out in apparent disorder, as in Buceros comatus ; the rest of the plumage black, the back and tail having bronze reflections ; the four outer tail-feathers terminated with white.

Cere czerulean-blue ; upper part of throat-sac French-white, middle a blending of French-white and blue, terminated with czerulean-blue ; these fleshy parts are much wrinkled; legs and feet deep blue.

Total length 30 inches; gape, 6; wing, 143; tail, 13; tarsi, 13.

Hab. Fernando Po.

Killed in the month of July, in deep moult.

Native name, ‘Oon-cot-to.’ The natives say it cries, as it flies, How-oo-ar, how-oo-ar, how-oo-ar.’. Very shy. Makes its nest in holes of very large trees, in the dry season; lays two eggs. These birds used to be common in the neighbourhood of Clarence, but since the introduction of guns they have been much shot, and have retired to the mountain.

Palm oil nuts, only, were found in the gizzard, which was soft, almost like a stomach ; skin very thin and difficult to prepare. Be- tween the skin and body appeared to be air-cells.

The male is said to differ materially, but I have not been fortu- nate enough to procure a specimen.


1. Macrra compianata, Desh. WM. testa transversin trigona, depressa, equilaterali, securiformi, levigata, alba, utroque latere equaliter obtusa; latere antico posticali equante; margine in- feriore acuto, regulariter arcuato; lunula magna, elongato-lan- ceolata, sulco impresso circumdata, in medio prominente; area elongata, ovato-lanceolata, impressa, plana, angulo duplici circum- scripta; umbonibus parvis, recurvis, acuminatis ; valvis tenuibus, intus candidissimis ; lamina cardinali lata, tenui; dentibus late- ralibus brevibus, lamellosis, triangularibus, abrupte truncatis; sinu pallit brevi, semielliptico, descendente.

Hab, Yndian Ocean. Coll. Cuming and Deshayes.


2. Macrra sutcaTartisA, Desh. WM. testa ovato-transversa, sub- equilaterali, turgidula, utraque extremitate equaliter obtusa, trans- versim sulcata, ad apices levigata, flava ; umbonibus depressis, vio- luceis, albo triradiatis, lunula areaque magnis, eleganter plicatis ; valvis intus albo-flavescentibus ; cardine angusto ; foveola ligamenti

obliqua ; dentibus lateralibus compressis, brevibus. Hab. ——? Coll. Cuming.

8. Macrra Reever, Desh. M. testa rotundato-trigona, inflata, solida, subequilaterali, transversim obsolete striata, epidermide tenui, straminea, tenue striato-lamellosa, vestita, albo-rufescente, maculis sparsis, inequalibus, fuscis ornata, postice castaneo macu- lata; latere antico paulo breviore late rotundato; postico at- tenuato declivi, brevi, truncato ; umbonibus prominulis, approwi- matis, cordiformibus ; lunula cordiformi, plana, levigata; area magna, planulata, angulis duobus distantibus circumscripta ; car- dine crasso; fossula basi producta ; sinu pallit brevissimo, semi- circulari; valvis intus albis, in latere postico fusco maculatis.

Hab. New Caledonia. Coll. Cuming.

4. Macrra pura, Desh. WM. testa ovato-trigona, depressiuscula, crassa, solida, equilaterali, in medio gibbosiore, transversim in- equaliter et obsolete striata, candidissima, sub epidermide tenut flavescente ; umbonibus